As I mentioned in the email, the only "fine-print" is that you post a photo of the Clamp at least once on whichever platform you deem most appropriate. Feel free to delete the image once it is no longer relevant (which these days seems to be only a matter of hours) or when the campaign is over. Or don't delete it - up to you.

I plan to launch the campaign within a few weeks which I realize doesn't give you much time to test it for yourself. I've been planning this for a while but honestly it needs to happen ASAP. We've been using these things for over 5 years and I fully stand behind the design. Please let me know if you have any questions and/or reservations. 

Thanks so much for your help and please let me know if I can ever return the favor.

- Patrick

P.S. - Clamps will be sent on first-come basis, so I may not have the exact combination of Clamp style and wood you prefer. Please let me know which is more important. Each is finished with a beeswax/mineral oil combination - unless you prefer otherwise.

P.P.S - For those interested in the details of the project, I'd be happy to share - just let me know. Most notably: the Clamp has a few improvements beyond what is currently available in the shop. 

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Unfortunately, not all combinations of Clamp styles are available. Please let me know if "Type of Clamp" or "Wood Species" is more important to you.