Items that are beautiful enough to put on display, and strong enough to be used on a daily basis. 


A W N is short for Accordance With Nature. 

These three letters also happen to represent a collection of work by Patrick Turiello, founding member of design studio LAYERXLAYER.

The intent is to maintain a close relationship between the design and manufacture of each product; in other words, to have an ongoing conversation between the concepts and the actual tools used in the manufacturing process. 

All A W N pieces are designed & manufactured in Connecticut by Patrick, utilizing tools and machinery acquired from various factories, toolmakers and artisans that are no longer in business and/or require such tooling. 

This A W N namesake is perhaps most importantly, a reminder for the designer himself to regard all aspects of life with respect for the inevitable.

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Custom Work

Please inquire if interested. 

Additionally, if you are interested in ordering a "set" (different pieces in the same species of wood/metal) please inquire prior to making a purchase.

About Patrick

Formal background in sculpture & sound design; with a degree in Arch.

Self-taught woodworking, metalworking and computer modeling. Spent youth building treehouses and large BMX/Skate Ramps.

By the very nature of this endeavor, there can only be a limited quantity of total pieces ever created.