No.9 - Biography

Before you consider purchasing a product from this site, you should know a little about the person who "runs the show".

Early Years

A brief bio is that I began my creative pursuits at an early age with drawing and writing. As a teenager, architecture (unbeknownst to me as a formal discipline) became an interest in the form of designing and building BMX/skate ramps and treehouses. I also began experimenting with music around that time, recording various instruments and sampling into junky computers; this was in the mid/late 1990's. 

Bike / Skate Ramp - 1996-7

Bike / Skate Ramp - 1996-7

Formal Education

I studied sculpture and sound design in college (Boston, MA), eventually settling on architecture. After the economic downturn of 2008, I didn't feel that there was a place for me within the field (of architecture) so the decision was made (for me, I guess) to start my own business - LAYERXLAYER - with my partner of 16 years (as of this writing), Leah. 

Thesis Work

The work that I'm most proud of up to this point is the project I worked on around 2007 for my thesis in college, which was disaster relief housing. It was very theoretical (nothing was ever tested or built) but grounded in a technical understanding of agriculture, building techniques and electronics/computer programming that were important components of the project.*

The End Goal

To eventually complete more high-stakes projects - similar to, but not necessarily in the same field as my degree project. AWN is intended as an outlet to explore production techniques while (hopefully) making a living wage; always aiming toward that much larger goal. It's also an excuse to buy more tools and expand my workshop/studio capabilities. 

Disaster Relief Case Study - 2007

Disaster Relief Case Study - 2007


I'm open to answer any questions and/or share information for those interested in more specific/technical details about any past/present/future endeavors.


*I will post details of the aforementioned thesis project soon - it is scattered across several folders on various hard drives and needs to be consolidated for presentation.