No.4 - Estate Finds

April 2016

The gentleman who owned these tools worked at Yale & Towne (originally Yale Lock Manufacturing Co.) in Stamford, CT. Y&T was founded in 1868. 

Apparently, he worked there from 1938 until 1959 when the factory in Stamford closed. He passed away in 1982 and his tools have been sitting in a garage ever since. Also discovered at the house, although not for sale, were dozens of commemorative (opening day or year?) NOS Disneyland blank keys made by Y&T that were given to visitors. 

Every item I picked up was made in the USA decades ago and is of a considerably high quality. They will definitely last through my lifetime.

As is a common story with American manufacturing, Y&T has been sold, closed, chopped up and/or outsourced. What is left of the original Stamford factory has been converted to semi-luxury lofts.