Clamp - Walnut

Clamp - Walnut

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The Clamp is our solution to a common workspace conundrum - items and tools that are commonly used need to be within reach, without cluttering your desk or table.

Aside from being a useful organization tool, the Clamp adds character to your space and is simply nice to have around.

We thread each screw in our woodshop, one at a time.

Maximum clamping thickness is 1.5" - if you need to use the Clamp on a thicker table, please contact us before ordering.

+ Walnut Body - USA origin.

+ Walnut Screw.

+ Beeswax/Mineral Oil finish.

+ 5 Branches.

Approximate Dimensions:

24" x 4.5" (61cm x 11.5cm)

*Designed & Handcrafted in the U.S.A.*

**Hanging / Desk Vessel available with Clamp at a discount** 

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