The tools that I choose to keep serve more purpose than to facilitate the manufacture of my work. In an age where cheaply manufactured tools are abundant, I prefer to spend my days seeking out and literally going the extra mile to acquire machinery that has stood the test of time. The conversations had  with each previous owner can gift many things: either useful technical knowledge, a glimpse into the past or even just some funny stories - and if I'm lucky, all of the above.

I often consider which factories or shops these tools have lived in, what types of work they may have completed and - perhaps a bit morbid; where will they end up when I no longer require their service?

Even though these tools are inanimate objects, they speak clearly about certain values of the past, reveal the intentions & sensibilities of their designers and embody the rich history of industrial manufacturing, especially that of the United States.


Hardware Production for Built Upon Layers


Tools of the Trade 

Partial list of tools that are found in the shop.

  • Bridgeport Milling machine.
  • Delta 17-600 Drill Press
  • Delta DP220 Drill Press x 2
  • Delta Wood Lathe x 2
  • Delta Band Saw (for wood)
  • Delta Radial Arm Saw
  • Delta Jointer
  • Delta 1" Belt Sander
  • Delta 12" Disk Sander
  • Delta 6"x48" Belt Sander
  • DeWalt Radial Arm Saw
  • Di-Acro Bender
  • Hardinge DSM-59 (with additional DV-59 Tooling)
  • Jet Table Saw
  • Powermatic 100 Planer
  • South Bend 9A Lathe (x 2 - one for wood, one for metal)
  • Wade 7 Watchmakers Lathe
  • Walker Turner 14" Bandsaw (for metal)




Trade of the Tools

List of items I'm looking for. Will trade for AWN pieces or $$$.

  • Any and all tooling for the aforementioned machines.
  • Tool/Die Maker items - commercial and homemade items.
  • Misc woodworking or metalworking items
  • Pattern makers Machines - any and all.
  • Pattern makers Wood Lathe
  • Wadkin pattern makers Mill
  • Hammond Trim-O-Saw
  • Hardinge HLV-H Lathe
  • Deckel or similar Milling Machine
  • Horizontal Mill - benchtop up to 1 ton size
  • Finger Brake