Custom Work


We're always open to discussing custom pieces and/or sets. As much as we enjoy having complete design freedom, solving a particular design problem often leads to important discoveries, and makes us better at design. There is no project too small or simple, only a designers' approach to a given project. 


Custom work can be considered as follows:  

  • A completely new piece of furniture.

  • A modification to an existing AWN design to fit in a particular space/use.

  • A set of AWN pieces in a particular wood/finish.

  • Some combination of the above.


The best way to begin is to have a conversation (either via email or phone) where we'll discuss the functionality of the piece(s) in question. Material selection can also be discussed at this stage. It is quite helpful for you the client to have a budget in mind as soon as possible; we can provide guidance. If you have a specific timeline/deadline in mind, now is also a good time to express that. Delivery options may also be discussed at this stage.


After the initial conversation the next step will be sketches based upon the discussion. We'll also explore material selection, finishing options, etc. This is the stage where the most critical decisions are made, so we encourage the client to take their time in evaluating the work we are presenting. Feedback is encouraged.

In certain cases, we may also provide highly detailed 3D renderings of the design. For interior designers, this can encompass entire space mock-ups.


A truly custom piece of furniture can be a considerable investment of both time and money, so we'd prefer to take the extra steps to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. This is the stage to express any final thoughts/questions. There is no need to rush.   


Once the design is approved we will request a 50% deposit. We will then discuss a schedule for completion. 


Upon completion of the piece, we will request the remaining 50% of the payment due. Our preference is to hand deliver when possible - this option will have been explored during our initial conversation. For pieces that can be or need to be shipped, we will provide options and pricing. For large pieces, it is usually easier to quote the item price and shipping costs separately - we can provide an estimated shipping cost earlier in the process if requested.

How to Begin

That was a lot of words but the process is actually quite simple.

Contact us here or at and we'll begin.

We look forward to hearing from you.

- Patrick


  • Hopefully this doesn't sound aggressive, but it must be said: The assumption is that our quality of work and design sensibilities have value, and are what brought about any particular collaboration or commission in the first place. In other words, we are not interested in serving as another designers' employee or "set of hands."

  • There are some pieces/projects that we may not be interested in pursuing, for various reasons. We will reach this conclusion very early in the process. However, some of the most interesting projects were ones that we never would have considered, so it never hurts to ask.

  • Please do not ask AWN to "copy" an existing product or design, or provide us with copious amounts of "inspiration" or reference images.

  • Items that are below a certain price may not require a 50% deposit.

  • Custom work is not returnable/refundable.